Sports Management Leadership Academy

Key Offerings:

  1. Free Tuition: SMLA’s ‘Other Side of Sports’ program is entirely tuition-free, ensuring accessibility for all students. This initiative is supported by generous corporate sponsorships.
  2. Micro-Credentials: Students are awarded micro-credentials and digital badges in various sports business disciplines, recognizing their specialized learning and achievements.
  3. Extensive Networking: SMLA offers unparalleled networking opportunities. Students attend SMLI seminars, engage in masterclasses with seasoned sports professionals, and participate in the ‘Other Side of Sports’ career networking conference.
  4. Career Planning and Support: SMLA provides robust career assistance, including resume building, skills development, and comprehensive career planning.
  5. Leadership Development: The academy encourages students to be bold, bright, better, and the best in their pursuits. This philosophy nurtures confidence, enhances understanding of sports business, and fosters continuous personal and professional growth.

Join us in celebrating the partnership with SMLA, a beacon of excellence in sports management education and leadership development.

For more information about SMLA, visit their website at SMLA.

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